The Definition of Vehicle Platforms

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Most entry-level fans the rookie more or less have come into contact with the word "platform" experience, the vast majority of the experience can be attributed to the following three points: (1) automotive media claimed some two vehicles within the same platform product; ② understandingfriends who have two cars belonging to the same platform to trouble a red in the face; ③ and by a car, "Daniel" brag "big bull" various models of the platform blowing a Pole to Pole, suddenly make even framethe number also does not distinguish between the few you admire the five bodies to bid for land. What car platform is the the Shenma things? Possible some people will car platform sided interpretation as equivalent to a "production line" or "chassis" Autel MaxiSys MS908, but even when he was the Volkswagen CEO Piech Mr. said "We have spent a decade's time to define the platform, but in the end we failed, so and vehicle platforms so that seems more like an abstract concept, Xiaobian personally, I would prefer to understand the platform for DNA or descent of the car.

From a technical perspective, the composition of the platform technology can be roughly understood as containing the engine compartment, underbody, steering institutions, transmission, frame and suspension of the lower part of the body. Vehicles from the same platform will have the same structural elements, such as the frame, axles, suspension, such as contour body detail, interior, fixtures can differ. Therefore, the definition of a two-car or multiple cars with the platform's key, usually depends on a few factors: body structure (bearing / non-bearing), wheelbase, suspension form of drive form and layout engine (transverse / longitudinal). Generally, the same platform models the wheelbase, suspension the form even drive form is the same, although the engine may not be the same, but it is able to match models usually are limited within a certain range. It is worth emphasizing that the global automotive companies for innovative changes to the concept of the platform - that is, the platform is not only refers to the sharing of chassis and engine, has been extended to the sharing of technology and production process, and perhaps this is the platform concept most The correct interpretation.

Some readers friends may be wondering, Every car reserved character diversity to better it? True for our consumers. Every man in the world hope that the woman not only outside the culvert connotation should also be different, so that it appears to have differences comparable. No one will like robot ASIMO, even if its shape is amazing, but it will only act in a program. Cars often hear The owners Maniang is who hung different car standard, open feeling exactly the same models. Reality is often contrary to the passionate young people and small this is true, if there is no concept car platform shared, the price of the car is not like so "close to the people," Do not you see the hundreds of hundreds of thousands in the 1980s up and down the car. (Policy course, far influential, but the excessively high cost of research and development led to the prices high is beyond doubt)? Ever since, the significance of the platform on the obvious: lies in the combination of different shape and even different performance models, equivalent to a basic framework for shared resources can maximize the research and development of new products autel maxidas ds808, research and development cost savings and shorten the development cycle.

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