Take Your Regular Bike and Turn it in to a Motorized Bicycle

posted on 08 Jun 2017 14:01 by vehiclefailure

Installing motorized bicycle motors on bicycles is becoming extremely popular these days with the cost of gas trending ever upwards, and our concern for the environment growing apace while our need for mobility remains.

The gas-powered bicycle motors usually net somewhere between 100 and 150 miles per gallon at 15 to 20 miles per hour, depending on the size and weight of the motor bicyclist maxidas ds808. Electric motors for motorized bicycles will go about 20 to 30 miles per charge at 20 miles per hour.

The benefits to riders' health autel maxisys ms906, so long as they do pedal, of course, can be enormous. Family groups can travel together even with grandparents and no worries about staying together with motorized bicycles, and they are easy to park!

Currently, the finest motorized bicycle motors are Chinese motors and of course, electric engines are regarded universally as good for the environment. Many states and localities don't even require licensing or registration for the 49cc and electric motorized bicycle motors. You can install your own, or buy one already installed.

Motorized bicycle motors can be fitted to many different styles of bicycles, most with adaptations to the frame. The bicycles that usually require the least modifications are 26" men's beach cruiser and road bikes with bars that are fairly parallel to the ground, giving plenty of room for the engine to fit. These bikes can be made comfortable for most people by changing tires, seats, and handle bars to make them fit riders from 5'2" all the way up to 6'2" or more.

The most common motorized bicycle motors are 49cc, 80cc gas motors, and a 48 volt 500 watt electric motor. 49cc engines are peppy for average-sized folks, and even handle many 200+ pound people just fine on fairly level terrain. 80cc motorized bicycle motors may have more get up and go, but they are also more widely regulated by law. The electric motors are great for people who stay closer to home such as city dwellers, but your range is much more limited. If you are unsure what size engine you need, call a power assisted bike dealer. They'll ask you a few questions and help you decide on the best engine for you.

Though you can find these engines everywhere on the internet, you have to be careful who you buy from, particularly if you are new to bicycle motors. There is some real junk out there being sold as quality bicycle motors. It is extremely important to deal with reliable vendors—the best being motor bicycle enthusiasts that install a lot of motorized bicycle motors themselves.

They only sell what they have found to be the finest, most reliable motors, saving you from making costly mistakes. More importantly, they can answer any questions may have you while installing one on your own bike, or later. So it its vital to find a dealer that is reputable and is able to assist you with your project. Always be cautious of deals that are to good to be true on the internet, those are usually the ones that will cause you the most trouble once you have made the purchase.

For more information on owning a motorized bicycle or electric bicycle visit our online assisted bike shop.
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